Karcher BR 40/25 C BP MF Batteries

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Compact battery-powered walk-behind scrubber drier with roller brushes or pads and 24V battery power.


The BR 40/25 Bp is a compact and easy to operate, battery-powered scrubber drier with roller brushes or pads. The tank-in-tank system for the fresh and waste water enhances the machine stability and reduces the dimensions of the unit. Maintenance and service friendly, all components are easily accessible and can be replaced in seconds. Ideal for use on all hard floor surfaces it is perfect for routine cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing. A single knob controls all machine functions (EASY) making the machine very simple to use.


Technical data

Working width, brush                          400 mm

Working width, vacuum                      770 mm

Battery                                                   24 volts

Battery voltage                                     24 volts

Fresh / waste water tank                    25 / 25 litres

Brush contact pressure                      250 g/cm²

Brush rotation speed                          1350 rpm

Max. area performance                      1600 m²/h

Practical area performance               1100 m²/h

Dimensions (L x W x H)                      800 x 575 x 830 mm



Roller brush

Tank-in-tank system

Battery and charger included

Battery type, maintenance-free

Straight squeegee

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 80 x 57.5 x 83 cm


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