Karcher BDS 43/180 C ADV

Karcher floor scrubber


The BDS 43/180 C Adv single disc machine is perfectly balanced with two robust aluminium bars and is ideal for thorough cleaning of hard and resilient floors and textile coverings, as well as for sanding parquet floors. With a 430 mm working width, powerful 1400 W motor and maintenance-free, all-metal gear box, the machine is a real all-rounder. The wide handle enables easy handling, even for inexperienced users. The optional tank can be easily removed for filling. It supports the contact pressure without having a negative impact on the weight of the machine. A cable stub and extension cable ensure easy cable replacement.


Technical data

Working width                                   432 mm

Working height                                  90 mm

Working width, brush                       432 mm

Motor rating                                       850 Watts

Brush contact pressure                   38 g/cm²

Brush rotation speed                       180 RPM

Speed                                                 180 RPM

Cable length                                      15 metres

Sound level                                        65 dB

Frequency                                          50 Hz

Voltage                                               220 – 240 Volts

Weight                                                43 KG

Dimensions (L x W x H)                  660 x 430 x 1180 mm

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 66 × 43 × 118 cm


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