SIP Fireball 1280S Diesel / Paraffin Space Heater


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Diesel / Paraffin Space Heater


Powerful diesel heater with a 38.54kW (131,512 BTU/h) heat output is ideal for heating areas up to 900m³ (31,143 cu.ft) making it perfect for heating factories, warehouses, garages and workshops. Designed with a stainless steel combustion chamber and casing which eliminates rusting. Ideal for long term use this heater is one of the most reliable on the market today.

SIP 09043 Space Heater with Lightweight Fuel Tank

This heater features a plastic fuel tank that will drastically extend the life of the product and will eliminate fuel contamination.

The plastic tank also helps make this unit lightweight and more compact than units with steel tanks. Fitted with a reliable Danfoss fuel pump system, automatic operation and automatic flame cut-out. A very useful feature on this heater is that the fuel filter is mounted outside of the tank which will make changing the filter a 5 minute job, meaning less down time.


Heating Area : 900m³ / 33,020cu.ft

Diesel Fuel Consumption : 3.04 Kg/hour

Heat Output : 131,512 BTU / 37.5 Kw

Auto Flame Cut-Out

2 Year Warranty


Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber and Casing

CE Approved           Yes

Dimensions              520 x 400 x 1030mm (HxWxL)

Heat Output              131,512 BTU / 37.5kW

Weight                       30kg

Wheels                      Yes


Comes with External Fuel Filter for Easy Clean / Change

Made in Italy

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 52 × 40 × 103 cm


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