Steam + Clean Bath Cloth set


Karcher microfibre cloths for steam cleaner to use in bathrooms.


Suitable for SC 1 / SC 2 / SC 3


The bathroom microfibre cloth set contains:


  • 2 x Soft microfibre velour floor cloths
  • 1 x Microfiber abrasive cloth
  • 1 x Microfiber polishing cloth



Abrasive microfiber cloth for hand nozzle for optimal removal of limescale.

The soft microfibers of the cloth optimally take in the dirt.

High quality microfiber polishing cloth gives streak-free polishing results, with very good water absorption.

Soft floor cloth of high quality microfiber fleece gives optimal dirt removal, high dirt absorption; microfiber guarantees a good cleaning result on all hard surfaces.




Use the microfibre cloths to easily clean bath tubs, showers and sinks in your bathrooms.


Compatible with following steam cleaners:


  • SC 1
  • SC 2
  • SC 3
  • SG 4/4


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