Karcher HDS 12/18-4 S

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Karcher’s HDS middle class hot water high pressure cleaners reach very high levels of performance, reliability and economy. With innovative features such as the eco!efficiency mode, offering fuel savings of up to 20% without compromising cleaning performance, 4 pole motors for high performance and long life, on-board diagnostics, and 3-year burner coil warranty, the HDS middle class range provides our customers with the toughness, cleaning power, and low running costs they demand. The HDS 12/18-4 S features a 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor with long-life bearings and a 3-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons. With water flow of up to 1200 litres per hour, and up to 180 bar pressure, the 12/18 is a great all round machine with very high performance and features the new Easy Force Advanced trigger gun.


Current type (Ph/V/Hz) 3 / 400 / 50
Flow Rate (l/h) 600 – 1200
Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 30 – 180 / 3 – 18
Temperature (supply 12°C) (°C) 80 – 155
Power rating (kW) 8.3
Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) 7.8
Heating oil consumption, eco!efficiency (kg/h) 6.2
Power cable (m) 5
Fuel tank (l) 25
number of simultaneous users 1 – 2
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 175.1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 187.1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1330 x 750 x 1060



Trigger gun, Easy!Force Advanced

High-pressure hose, 10 m

Spray lance, 1050 mm

Power nozzle

Pressure switch control

Optional two-lance operation

Pole reversing plug (three-phase)

SDS system

Electronic service control

Two detergent tanks

Dry running protection


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