T 400 T-Racer Surface Cleaner


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T 400 T-Racer for spray-free surface cleaning.


The T-Racer T 400 cleans exterior surfaces extra fast and efficiently. Two rotating flat jet nozzles ensure high area coverage. In addition, the T 400 features a power nozzle for effective cleaning of corners and edges. Switching to the power nozzle is done by means of a pedal button. A special protection grid makes it easy to clean gravel surfaces, e.g. in Japanese gardens. Compared to cleaning with a spray pipe, the T-Racer impresses with time savings of around 50%. The so-called hovercraft effect makes it easy to manoeuvre. With the T 400, the pressure can be adjusted by altering the nozzle clearance to the object being cleaned. This means that both hard surfaces such as stone and concrete, and more sensitive surfaces such as wood, can be optimally cleaned. The hood guarantees that cleaning is always splash-free. Thanks to the handle, even vertical surfaces such as garage doors can be cleaned in no time. The T-Racer is suitable for Home & Garden pressure washers, classes K 4 – K 7.


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